Leopard 2.0

MCP Weather 1.0

Download ver 1.0

MCP Media 1.1

Download ver 1.0

MCP Netstat 1.1

Download ver 1.0


MCP Software is being tested with Leopard 2.0 and Windows Vista, look for new things to come soon.
MCP Weather 1.1 comming soon !
MCP Media 1.1 comming soon !
MCP Netstat 1.1 comming soon !

Fully tested with Leopard 2.0, feel free to give it a try, lemme know how it goes.
! More features to come !

mcpaigesoftware at gmail

Help: You will need to download Leopard and run it. Then in the same folder place all the MCP Software files. Open the .lep file with Leopard. Consult the online User Guide for more info.